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Another proud moment for FoV!

Another great moment for FoV! Gordon Mendenhall Ed. D, Professor Emeritus, at University of Indianapolis, has been receiving glasses over the past 2 years from the US and is planning another trip this year for their distribution.
Gordon himself, has had a challenging year health wise, but is enthusiastic to help others and right now, has 4 missions planned! Alongside this, he is going to participate in a mini marathon in Indianapolis, which we fully support.
One such trip he undertook was to Nairobi, visiting a huge slum called Kibera where close by, there is a school that has been built for children who have lost one or both parents to AIDS. An unfortunate young man, who had dropped out of school due to life’s frustrations, with the help of the FoV glasses and their corrective ability, has subsequently returned to school. We are all proud of this moment!

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