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News from the field, Swaziland

Focus on Vision at Bulembu by Zachary Daly

I was able to spend the month of June helping AIDs orphans in Swaziland. I went there with my college to volunteer at a clinic in a town called Bulembu. For the past 10 years the town has been transforming from an abandoned mining town to an orphanage with a passion to emotionally and physically care for the next generation of Swazis, with a bold vision to transform the nation. The orphanage is designed to equip the children to be entrepreneurs and leaders, while providing a safe and healthy environment which will act as a launching point to send them out to make a better Swaziland. They can then gradually reweave the social fabric that has been worn thin by the AIDS pandemic. The Bulembu Christian Academy and the Bulembu Health Clinic are central to the community enjoyed by 400 orphans. My good friend Rich was able to give me 100 of the Focus on Vision adjustable glasses to donate to the clinic. The clinic was extremely thankful, and expressed the huge blessing that this will have on the town. Many children need glasses in Bulembu, but due to lack of funds and access to an optometrist, so many children do not even realize that they need glasses. The inability to see properly has a snowball effect in education, and often places an undetected limit on that child’s potential. The clinic was ecstatic about the simple, durable, and easy to use nature of the glasses. And on top of all of that the glasses looked good on the kids! The ability to adjust the glasses is ideal for a third world setting where glasses can quickly and economically be adapted for local demand. There is a tremendous potential to enhance the way that people in Swaziland and around the world see. The glasses from Focus on Vision will help to free many people from the limitations of poor eyesight.

During my stay in Swaziland we traveled to a rural town called Lavumisa, with another organization called Challenge Ministries. There we worked at a temporary clinic that comes to the area once a month. I would love to see the Focus on Vision glasses incorporated into the clinic’s services to the community. There could be a station where the need for glasses is measured, and if need be, a pair of glasses can be adjusted immediately to correct for poor eyesight.

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