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Operation2020 report for Western Sahara


We took 590 pairs to the Western Saharan Refugee camps in west Algeria, as well as parts of the occupied Western Saharan territory (Tifariti) to the military and nomadic hospitals.

We fit ~40 pairs on the trip, and left larger amounts with the main hospital serving the camps, as well as 2 doctors in the military camp. We also supplied ~30 pairs to the doctor overseeing a small clinic in one of the outlying camps. 

Reception was amazing...— one that sticks out is the older lady who immediately uncovered a sowing machine in her tent and went to work with her new glasses— she hemmed up a Sahrawi flag as a gift for us in appreciation.

The Sahrawi are a beautiful unbelievably hospitable people. It was such a privilege to be able to help them and bring the FocusSpecs to the camps.

Ben Workman 2016-01-09

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