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Outreach to Ethiopia

Last month Zennu Haile-Michael went to visit his family, and to work for his Foundation Better Sight-Better Learning. Before flying out to Ethiopia we ordered 25 adjustable spectacles of Focus on Vision with him to introduce them in the country. 

This is his story:

Ethiopian man taking eye checkAdjusting sight to read well

“Our partner organisations Cheshire Services Ethiopia  and Signum Vitae  were very enthusiastic when I told them about the spectacles and about the price. Cheshire Services organised a day to try out the spectacles.

I went there with the optometrist of Signum Vitae and the field worker of Cheshire Services. A large group of people were waiting for our help. Most of them were elderly people. We ran out of the +plus spectacles in a short time.  There were some youngsters who needed -minus glasses. Of course we couldn't make everybody happy. May be in the future.

I think this could be a very good and successful project for Ethiopia. I would like to make an appointment and discuss it with you. Ethiopia is a very large country with an estimated 80 million people and eye sight problems are a big issue. I am sure that Focus on Vision could be of great help."


Zennu Haile-Michael
Foundation Better Sight-Better learning


Check out Focus on Vision's Facebook page for more footage from Zennu Haile-Michael's trip to Ethiopia

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