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Focus on Vision...'les lunettes universelles'

"A Dutch engineer invented a well priced pair of spectacles that gives back sight to almost 60% of the world population that is suffering from vision loss", says an article that was publisched in French newspaper Le Monde on Friday, June 21st. 

To read the orginal article (French language), please visit the website from Le Monde. A translation of the article is published below.

Today it has been ten years since Frederik van Asbeck noticed, while in Tanzania, none of his local friends was wearing spectacles. While in his home country, the Netherlands, a significant number of his fellow students from the Delft Technical University was wearing glasses or contacts. He found out that the main reason for the absence of glasses in the suburbs of Dar es-Salaam was the result of the limited availability of aids to correct refractive vision loss.

Soon, he came up with a simple, yet effective solution: a fairly prices pair of spectacles that gives back sight to almost 60% of the people world wide suffering from vision loss, caused by refractive errors.

Today, a quarter million of Focusspec glasses have been shipped to people over the entire planet.

After five years of research and development, Focus on Vision (not for profit organisatin) started the production of Focusspec in 2009. 

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