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Dr. J. Friedman Completes Field Trial of Adjustable Eyeglasses

 All over the world, people suffering from visual impairment cannot access vision correction services.  In most cases, they only need a pair of glasses, but if there is no accessible optometrist, or if the price of glasses is unaffordable, then they are forced to continue living with poor vision and the diminished quality of life that comes along with it. The scope of the problem is enormous: most estimates suggest that nearly a billion people worldwide are living without the glasses they need.

In working to address this important global health issue, Dr. John Friedman, Associate Professor of Anthropology and Development at University College Roosevelt Academy, recently completed a two-month long field trial in northwest Namibia to support the development of a new and promising eye care innovation: FocusSpec self-adjusting glasses. 

Developed by the Netherlands-based Focus on Vision Foundation, each pair of FocusSpec glasses can be adjusted to suit the specific requirements of most visually impaired people.  They are so easy to use that there is no need for a professional eye care specialist. And, most importantly, they are inexpensive to produce.

Dr. Friedman’s study assessed the effectiveness, functionality and appeal of FocusSpec glasses, and explored potential methods for widespread distribution across the region. In Namibia, Dr. Friedman worked together with local partner organisations, as well as a group of Roosevelt Academy students. 

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