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Focus on Vision's ambassador Jan in 't Veld brings inspiration to Barefoot College in India

Jan in 't Veld. People like this can change the world. So says the headline of a news article published at the website of Barefoot College. During a visit to Hyderabad in India, where Jan in 't Veld, attended the IAPB (International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness) Conference organized by the WHO, Jan travelled to the region of Rajasthan to meet people from Barefoot College.

Barefoot College is a Non-governmental organization founded in 1972. It is a solar-powered school that teaches illiterate women from small Indian villages to become doctors, solar engineers, architects, and other such professions. [courtesy of wikipedia]

Jan in 't Veld travelled to Tilonia village in Rajasthan to visit Barefoot College and share his vision on eye sight.  Impressed by Jan's vision, they published this article on their website. No further comments are necessary to explain if Jan's visit was appreciated. 

Pictures are courtesy of Barefoot College.

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