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Ambassador Jan in 't veld

This is the story of Jan in ’t Veld and his work for Focus on Vision.

 Jan in ’t Veld started his career working in the steel industry. He did this for many years until in 2002 he decided it was time for retirement. At that time Frederik van Asbeck was starting his research thesis on cheap self-adjustable glasses and needed the help of his father in law Jan. Jan was very willing to help and together they started the Focus on Vision foundation. 

Now, 8 years later Jan in ‘t Veld is still very much involved in the organization. He is the man who travels all over the world to tell people about the FocusSpec and sell the glasses to the people who need them. For this, he works closely together with local people. On his last trip in February (2011) he went to Ghana. His goal was to get as many people as possible to use the FocusSpec. A difficult task in a country like Ghana where people who live in rural areas are very hard to reach. “The infrastructure we have here in our western world is incomparable to Ghana. People often have to travel by foot, therefore living in rural areas, they can not visit the bigger cities easily.” To solve this problem, Jan needed to visit the hard-to-reach places himself. He organized eyecamps in these areas, where people could come to try the FocusSpec glasses and were helped with adjusting them properly. Here you can find some great photos of his work. 

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