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Philippines Relief Appeal

Typhoon Haiyan: The country’s most deadly natural disaster on record

Many people will have lost their spectacles, and it may be very difficult (or even impossible) for them to afford and/or get a replacement. After any disaster, one needs to eventually start working again, and going back to school again. And glasses are important in helping to achieve that beginning. A pair of Focusspecs is a tool that helps people re-build their lives, just like a hammer and nails. In some weeks' time, the immediate life-threatening issues will have been addressed by other relief agencies, but many will need a pair of glasses, if not only to hold them over until they can find a permanent replacement. By providing this necessary tool, Focus on Vision intends to contribute to the relief effort.

Beginning in mid-January, Focus on Vision will start shipping glasses to our partner organizations in the Philippines. Staff from Helen Keller International (HKI), Volunteer Optometric Service to Humanity (VOSH), Lions Clubs Philippines (Multiple District 301) and the Eye Health Coalition of the Philippines will be conducting eye screenings and Focusspec distribution in Tacloban and other affected areas.


For every 5 euro you donate, Focus on Vision and its partners will supply a pair of Focusspecs free to someone who has been affected by the typhoon. Please donate directly via the button on the top of this page. 

You can also pay by bank transfer. You can find our bank details below. Please include 'Philippines Relief' as the message on your bank transfer.



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