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Our Vision & Mission


Simply Helping the World to See.

As explained, there are untold hundreds of millions of children and adults who have difficulty seeing properly. And therefore cannot participate normally in life.

Approx. half the children in Asia see the chalkboard at School. A farmer sees the difference between a seedling and a weed. Most of these people can be helped with our Focusspec® low-cost solution. Is it the ultimate solution ? No.

Ultimately, every individual is best off with tailor-made solution like we offer most people in the developed world. But that costs hundreds of dollars (except for reading glasses). As there are so many other issues and priorities like providing proper healthcare, helping communities securing self-sufficiency in obtaining water and food, helping with educational needs, etc, it will yet take a while before sufficient trained optometrists, eye surgeons etc can provide the necessary eye care. “It will take a while before they can provide the necessary eye care locally”

How you can help is by learning more about the Need, or the Technology , or Give.

Our Mission

Creating Joy of Eyesight

In the meanwhile, we believe we have a relatively simple solution which can be of an enormous help. Think of the mother who can see better how she does her cooking, or more importantly, helps her doing her broidery which provides her with an income. Or the man who is sowing his seeds is better able to discern the weeds from his crop. Or the boys and girls who now have difficulty reading their books at school, now can much better participate in class. It will help these people literally enlighten their lives ! That is what we call bringing joy of proper eyesight.

And it can be done ! At a relatively modest cost. “It will help them literally enlighten their lives!”

So you see? With a handful of dollars we can help hundreds of millions. And it is an excellent investment. The return coming from more children participating in education and being economically active later. And millions of farmers and housewives being productive again.


Strategic Values
“With a handful of dollars we can help hundreds of millions.”