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The Organisation

Focus on vision is a Social Venture that aims to bring the joy of proper eyesight to the world. Many hundreds of millions of people have poor vision that can simply be solved by wearing eyeglasses.

That is why Focus on Vision has developed Focusspec®, a pair of glasses that is self-adjustable and not expensive. We aim to sell our spectacles to the people that need them in the under-developed world. But most of these people don’t have the money or the resources to by their own spectacles.

That is why we are a Social Venture because we will do so at a price which is affordable to most. On average, in the developed world we pay three days wages for a pair of glasses. So that is what we will sell it for. If people earn a dollar a day, they can get them for three. Not for free. Research has shown that poor people are willing to pay for their eyesight 1.“Poor people are willing to pay for their eyesight”

By letting people pay for their glasses, they will see the value and benefit, they will covet and treasure their glasses. What is more important, they are willing to pay more after they have used their spectacles. Because they see the benefit. And are becoming more productive (again). And that will benefit their communities and in the end, that will help us all, wouldn’t it ?“They see the benefit: becoming more productive.”

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