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Adjustable Glasses

More than 1 billion people need vision correction, because they cannot see properly. But they can’t get it. Why is Focusspec® unique? Because two glasses will solve 80% of the problem. For less than $10. And this is the secret: they are self-adjustable. Read more...

Adjustable glasses

Projects & Countries

Together with governmental, optometric, commercial and NGO partners, Focus on Vision is looking for the best way to set up a distribution network to provide as many people with glasses.

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Projects & Countries

Get Involved!

Learn more about the issue and our solution. We offer the possibility to buy the Focusspec®, or to support us by making a donation.

Your gift, large or small, can make a great difference! Read more...

Get Involved!


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The Organisation

Our mission: Creating the Joy of Eyesight

We are an organisation without pursuit of profit, a non profit institution so to say. The proceeds go entirely to the aim of the organisation which is to make the glasses available at the lowest cost possible.
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