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Focus on Vision wants to bring the joy of proper eyesight to the world. In order to do this, we need your help! On this page you can learn more about the issue and our solution. We also offer the possibility to buy the Focusspec®, or to support us by making a donation.

“Preventable blindness is one of our most tragic and wasteful global problems. By eliminating unnecessary blindness we can dramatically improve the education, employment and quality of life for many millions of people”
Brien Holden of the ICEE


To start with you can learn more about the issue and our solution. Learn about the history of Focus on Vision, the Technology and production process of the Focusspec glasses and the Issue the Focusspec is aimed at addressing.

We also offer you the possibility to learn more in general on the issue of Low Vision and getting informed on activities of other organisations that are facing the same challanges.



Interested in Focusspec® and want to try? If you or your family, friends need glasses either for reading or because you are farsighted, you can now order and try one. They are cool too with their colourful worm wheel!

On this page we offer the possibility to buy our revolutionary glasses. The Focusspec® is currently available in the colour Classic Black. The plus lens (for those having difficulty reading up close) has a power range from +0.5 to +4.5 dioptre.

“We offer the possibility to buy our revolutionary glasses.”

The minus lens (power range from -1.0 to -5.0 dioptre) is also available in the colour
Classic Black.

To offset handling and shipping costs within the Netherlands (BeNeLux) you can have a pair
Focusspec® glasses for 25 Euro or US$35 (excluding costs of transport). Add 10 Euro or US$15 for
each additional pair. 

For delivery outside the Netherlands (BeNeLux) extra courier expeses will be charged
(please, demand for our conditions). The proceeds from the sale will be used to sponsor
our distribution projects.

To purchase Focusspecs® now, please contact us.


We are always looking for people that want to support our work and help us in creating the best possible solution for bringing the joy of proper eyesight to the world. Vision is more than just ‘being able to see’. It enables people to learn, gain a living, to develop themselves and really, to enjoy life.

Poor vision can make people go blind and has big impact on social and economic status of a community.

Holding down production costs helps enormously in making the Focusspec affordable. In practice, due to lack of infrastructure (poor roads, few shops, etc) and low awareness that a simple pair of glasses can help so many is our biggest cost challenge. We estimate that for every pair of glasses that we would like to land on the nose of a child or grown-up in the rural areas, we will approximately need 5 Euro’s (or US$7) in getting distribution organised (setting up a local organisation to assure training, distribution, organising eye screenings, making promotional material available, stocking, etc). “Every pair of glasses wil need 5 Euro’s (or US$7) in getting distribution organised.”

You can contribute to help us bringing the Joy of Eyesight. By donating to the Focus on Vision Foundation we can continue to make an impact on school participation and economic development of communities.

You can choose your level of commitment, knowing that:

25 Euro’s or US$35 helps us offering 3 people the Joy of Eyesight
100 Euro’s or US$140 helps us stock a local reseller
500 Euro’s or US$700 helps us organising an Eye screening in the field
5000 Euro’s or US$7000 helps us setting up a regional network of resellers & Will get you officially listed as a Sponsor
50.000 Euro’s or US$70.000 helps us set op Country Representative & Will get you listed as a Donor

Your donation, large or small, can make a great difference! Simply, helping the World to See!

Contact us and donate today!